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Zhuhai is one of the world's most romantic cities! Under clear blue skies, streams gently flow down its green mountains into a dreamlike seascape. When you enter Zhuhai, you step into a world of beauty and romance, and experience its cool, welcoming breeze.

Romance is nature's gift to Zhuhai. Situated south of the Tropic of Cancer, with glorious sunshine all year long, with an annual average temperature of 22.4 degrees Celsius and warm tropical rains, Zhuhai is a luxurious garden paradise where colorful flowers bloom all year long.  

The name Zhuhai means Pearl Sea, and the modern city of Zhuhai sits at the mouth of the famous Pearl River Delta, where river and ocean meet. With a territory of more than 7,660 square kilometers, Zhuhai boasts 146 islands, many with their own secluded beaches and unspoiled scenery. These islands, like clusters of pearls, stretch out across the Delta towards its neighboring cities of Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau, which are all within easy reach. 

Zhuhai's interesting past adds greatly to its atmosphere and appeal to visitors. Inscriptions show that people were living in the area more than 5,000 years ago. In the west of Zhuhai, near Yamen River, are ancient ruins from the Southern Song Dynasty that are more than 1,700 years old. Cuihen Village in Zhongshan, which is to the north of Zhuhai, is the birthplace of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the leader of the democratic revolution, the first president of the Republic and the Father of China. Many other monuments, parks, museums and locations chart the history of the great events and changes of China's great civilization, both ancient and modern. In more recent times, our sister cities Hong Kong and Macau have witnessed the joyous reunion with the motherland, ending centuries of separation. 

 Zhongshan City, a prefecture-level municipality under the direct jurisdiction of Guangdong Province, has 24 affiliated towns and districts. Also located in the Pear River Delta, it covers a total area of 1,800 sq. km. It borders Guangzhou on the north and is close to Hong Kong and Macao SARs. Zhongshan has a permanent population of 1.35 million. It is the ancestral homeland of over 800,000 overseas Chinese living in 87 countries and regions around the world including Hong Kong and Macao SARs, and Taiwan Province.

The climate in Zhongshan is delightful, with an average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. In recent years, the city has won such honors as National Clean City, National Advanced Unit with Excellent Planning & Management, National Garden City, National Model City in Environmental Protection, National Tourism City with Excellent Practices, National Model City with Excellent Transportation, National Advanced City in the Campaign of Building Culturally Advanced Cities, and others. The United Nations¡¯ Habitat Scroll of Honor Award was granted to Zhongshan in 1997.

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