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TPR Method of Teaching

American TPR English School has adopted a specific teaching method called Total Physical Response, or TPR for short. It was developed in the United States as a primary method for teaching oral language and has come to be recognized all over the world as a very effective approach to language learning. The School also uses Situation English to teach spoken English.

American TPR English School has a unique listening and speaking courseware. This has earned it an enviable reputation providing training to students of all ages. The School not only teaches oral English, but also a variety of subjects, including communication & leadership for adults, and public speaking, music, dance and drama for young learners.

TPR Education Group

TPR Education Group¡¯s aim is to break the barriers of culture and distance by offering language training and understanding of international cultures. It is headquartered in Zhuhai, China. The Group has been very successful in selling franchises in China, especially in Guangdong Province.

TPR Education Management Limited

TPR Education Management Limited is the headquarters of TPR English in China. Its mission is to provide an efficient, consistent, and professional management structure for the rapidly increasing number of TPR affiliates throughout China.

American TPR English School

Our Mission is to build friendship between China and other countries through learning and sharing. American TPR English School, the first English language training school in Zhuhai, was established in 1992. Since then it has been the most popular training school in the city and currently has 28 branch schools in prime locations in five cities.

American TPR English School obtained ISO9001 certification in August 2001 and has the distinction of being the very first training school to do so in China!  The School continues to be a major trendsetter in the field of oral English teaching in China. American TPR English School is a professional institution with a well-structured management system and a team of dedicated teachers and staff sharing Chinese and western cultures. If one is a new comer to China, it is the right place to work at and a fun place for students to learn and practice spoken English.

American TPR English School has 28 branch schools in the following cities: Central Zhuhai (10), Western Zhuhai (5), Zhongshan (9), Dongguan (2), Chaozhou (1) and Baoding (1). Baoding is in Hebei Province, in the north, an hour from Beijing. The remaining twenty-seven branches are in China¡¯s southern province of Guangdong that borders Hong Kong and Macau.

Candidate Requirements

Should be a native English speaker from:
Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, or the USA;
Qualifications: Bachelor¡¯s degree and a TEFL/TESL/TESOL/CELTA certificate;
Experience: A minimum of two years¡¯ teaching experience is preferable;
Should be willing to teach all age groups: Ages 3-60;
Should be between the ages of 22 and 60.
Should be open to experiencing a different culture;
Should be energetic, in good health and willing to be active in class.

To apply for a position, a candidate should send us their CV and an introduction video (max 25 seconds) to tprschool@163.com. The candidate should write their phone number and the (local) time that we can have a 20-minue phone interview with them. The name of the country and city where they will be available for the interview should also be mentioned. We will be making a direct call from our office phone: +86 (756) 211-3025. 

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