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TPR Teaching Method
TPR is the abbreviation of "Total Physical Response" and it translates into Chinese as 巴Ӧ. TPR language learning methods, which were developed by the American experimental psychologist James J. Asher in the 1970's, can also be called experience- based language learning methods. It imitates the natural physical response aroused during the memorizing process while learning one's mother language when one's brain creates an association of ideas of the sounds and images from the outside world. Teachers use pictures and other learning tools in class to create life or business scenes. They encourage students to speak English confidently. They help them to get into the habit of thinking in English so that they will acquire a natural response of speaking English spontaneously.

TPR English Study
Corresponding to Einstein's famous formula E=mc², TPR School has created its own unique formula for English study: English = memory x communication²! Communication squared emphasizes the importance of communication in English study.

New Education Systems
TPR teaching methods have been perfected and enriched since the inception of the School, and just before the turn of the century, the TPR 2000 education system was formally established with new curricula, textbooks, audio cassettes, placement tests, and evaluation criteria for kids, children, youth and adults. And in 2015, the School went one step further by adopting a digital curriculum that has ESL games, songs, activities, vocabulary, sentence structures, dialogs, story, phonics, etc. for the first three categories.

Categories, Levels and Placement Interview
In this digital TPR English education system, the students are divided into three distinct categories: kindergarten kids, primary school children, and middle school youth. And these are further divided into 24 levels. Students attend a placement interview before they are assigned to a level. And there is a category for adults which is separate from this that uses standard conversational books for 6 different levels. Therefore, in all there are 30 levels of English courses at TPR School for all age groups.

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